From the team that brought you Fundshare, comes our brand new venture, Savings Deals.

18th April 2017
As one of the UK’s newest challenger bank comparison tool, Savings Deals is designed to give your savings the chance to grow, even if the high street banks won’t let them do so. 

At Savings Deals, we aim to find the best returns for our savers based on their personal criteria in a time when we believe high street banks are offering paltry interest rates. 

Like Fundshare, Savings Deals takes many personal metrics, such as investment amount, length and type, and compares the various rates from the UK’s challenger banks to determine which is right for you.

Richard Owen, of Fundshare, said: “Savings Deals has been designed from the ground up to be completely user friendly and functional. Like Fundshare, we believe it is intuitive and customer focussed, enabling you to help ensure your money is working for you as well as it possibly can.”

To find out more about how your money can grow with Savings Deals, head over to the comparison tool at and start saving today.

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