About Growth Street

At the heart of Growth Street's marketplace is a peer-to-peer lending platform which allows borrowers and lenders to be matched easily with the automatic diversification of investments, and a provision for losses. We aim to make investing simple. Growth Street takes care of the underwriting and risk management, so you don't have to be an expert in small-business credit to earn a potentially great return


  • Short term 30 Day loans with a higher indicative AER
  • Lend to British Businesses through a revolving credit facility
  • All facilities secured on assets or by personal guarantee
  • Borrowers have to continually provide management accounts and financial updates throughout the lifetime of the loans
  • 'Loan Loss Provision' to protect investor's cash from any losses
  • Risk is automatically diversified across the entire loan book


  • Loans may repay before the 30 Day term ends so you may have to keep reinvesting, although this can be automated
  • Investments are not covered by the FSCS

Provision funds and insurance

All borrowers pay a risk-weighted contribution into the Loan Loss Provision. These contributions are calculated by the Growth Street credit team to be more than enough to cover expected losses. On top of borrowers' contributions, our founding investors have contributed £200,000 to the Loan Loss Provision, with the aim of maintaining the provisions at more than 9% of the total loan book.

Key Data

  • Amount Lent/Invested: £43m
  • No. UK Investors: 278
  • Avg. Amount Invested: £9.1k
  • Expected Bad Debt Ratio: 1%
  • FCA Regulated?
  • Who chooses borrowers? P2P Company
  • Investment secured on Business Loans
Invest with Growth Street

Growth Street Rolling Market

  • Potential Return:

  • Term:

      30 day rolling
  • Min. investment:

  • Secured on:

       Business Loans, Business Assets
  • Provision Fund:

  • Early exit:


Your capital is at risk if you lend to businesses. Peer to peer lending is not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Please read our full risk warning here.